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Changent Zero

& Changent Circles

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."MAHATMA GANDHI

Founded by Tanya Porter and Casandra Bryant, Changent Zero is a threefold vision;

- a community circle

- a zero waste app

- and an interactive game

...all designed to inspire, educate and support individuals to move from overwhelm to becoming agents of change (“Changents”). 

We're talking about real change that we can all make as individuals to benefit the environment.

The Changent Circle is a monthly to bi-monthly community circle to inspire creative citizen engagement, advocacy and action toward caring for the environment, others and self. We welcome you to join us, and to become a Changent!

Tanya - Co-Founder of Changent Zero

Changent Zero Inc. is the manifestation of an unprecedented experience that I had 12 years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter. I was walking down a long movie theatre hallway after watching the latest James Bond film when I “downloaded” a multi-dimensional vision. Only after the shock of the experience wore off did I realize that it was as if an answer was being shown to me for an ongoing overwhelming question that had been plaguing me. If I could put words to the feeling, the question would have been something like “what can I do to help make the infinite changes needed to make a safe and healthy world for my baby?” 

Learn more about Tanya's story and the creation of Changent Zero.

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Kirtan Concerts

Devotional yogic singing, guitar and percussion

Retreats & Events

Treat yourself to a retreat or special workshop

Special Events

Dance, sing, float, and do so much more with us

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