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Drawing Breaths

A 7-Step Daily Self-Care Journal Practice

Are you ready to embark on a new and unique mindfulness practice that you will be excited to do every day?

The Drawing Breaths journal practice

activates your creativity and includes simple drawing and writing prompts.

The first of seven steps is the namesake of this journal. The "breath drawing" method offers a unique and potent way to meditate with the power of your breath and restores your mind-to-breath-to-body connection.

You will continue to be present for yourself as you move through six other steps that lead you on a journey inward, and then forward in your life.

Order a Special Edition copy today for $34.95

Let this journal guide you to...

✔️expand your capacity to both process and affect your internal state

✔️develop a sense of awareness and self-trust

✔️display creative expression

✔️deepen your courage, compassion, perspective and confidence

✔️stabilize a foundation of integrity

✔️invoke positivity, appreciation and recognition

✔️engage your power to effect change

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You can achieve all of this with

Drawing Breaths

A 7-Step Daily Self-Care Journal Practice

Simply follow the seven-step system that you can repeat everyday, yet discover different inner responses each day. This journal is a safe haven to deepen your relationship with your ever-evolving self in an encouraging, honest and non-judgmental way.

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What's the investment?
As little as 10 minutes a day,
and just $34.95 for a Special Edition copy

What's included in the Special Edition?

Opens flat, convenient for drawing and journaling

A hard cover and Kraft paper dust jacket that includes a surprise feature

A ribbon bookmark to help keep your place in the 3-month journal


The author's signature, should you request it at check-out

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A creation inspired by her students, designed for anyone who pursues wellness

Tanya Porter is the founder and Living Arts Director of The Inner Space, creator Rhythmic Reframing, and co-founder of Changent Zero.


She is a teacher of meditation and classical yoga to both adults and youth for over twenty years, and specializes in customizing wellness programming for all ages. Tanya offers live and virtual programs in private, corporate, health and educational settings.

It is through her work that she was inspired to create the Drawing Breaths book and journal. The purpose is to gently awaken, empower and support her students within their daily life.

She blends her artistic background and deep knowledge in meditation and yoga to develop 31 unique "breath drawing" variations for the journal practice, each with its own design, experience and reflection, as well as the following six prompts. The 7-step system was thoughtfully developed to offer a holistic daily practice that will provide immediate results.

Still not sure if this is for you?

This journal practice is for you if...

  • you want to feel more present and grounded

  • are interested in exploring your inner landscape

  • don't know where to begin or have trouble maintaining a regular practice

With Drawing Breaths, you'll know exactly what to do, go to a delightful depth far within, and it will take as little as 10 minutes a day!

There is only a limited number of Special Edition copies.

"Everything about Tanya's Drawing Breaths journal practice is gentle. She balances structure with freedom. This allows the practice to be accessible and helpful no matter where you might be on your life journey." - Deb. L

"Tanya is a naturally gifted yoga and meditation teacher, who shares with passion her wealth of knowledge and experience in a way that makes these ancient practices accessible and practical for use in our modern-day lives. Drawing Breaths Journal is a wonderful tool and a simple, step-by-step guided mindfulness and gratitude practice that will surely enrich your life with clarity, calm, inner peace, connection and an overall sense of wellness and balance—in mind, body and spirit." - Helen B.

"Tanya's Drawing Breaths Journal was a gentle daily mindfulness practice that took me on a journey from where I was to where I wanted to be.  Using drawing to center my attention and focus my breath is a profoundly effective path for self-awareness, and journaling helps me to put what I'm thinking and feeling where I can see it in black and white.  A marvelous tool for anyone looking to explore their inner landscape and see what new places await you out in the world.  Highly recommend!" - Tara C.

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