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Program Description
For individuals who are seeking to develop and deepen a loving relationship with Self.

Tanya Porter provides a safe landing space for you to see what is operating beneath current life situations and assists you in developing the tools and skills to navigate them.

What to expect


Here are some of the tools and skills you will experience and learn:

  • Mindfulness –be present in your moments (instead of being pulled back into the past or projecting into the future)

  • Integration – stop the battle with self to help accept past experiences and their impact without it controlling present and future choices.

  • Breath Techniques – regulate energy and emotion so you can move from reactivity to choice.

  • Mental Strength – develop focus and concentration tools to have the faculty to choose the direction of thinking.

  • Relaxation – learn techniques to rest, replenish and rejuvenate to have calm and deep sleep.

  • Inner Peace – navigate anxiety and fear to move out of overwhelm and move forward.

  • Body Awareness – listen so you can hear the messages your body is telling you about your needs (the body retains memory and designed to protect us and help us be well)

  • Self-Inquiry- what questions to ask and the way to ask them in order to invoke your innate knowledge and wisdom.

  • Energy Work – about the architecture of Self and how past energy dynamics shape our current -mental, emotional and behavioural habits and how to unhook them.

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This is for you if you

  • Are seeking to heal from trauma

  • If you want to deepen your awareness

  • Desire to shift energy, desire to be more positive, expansive and loving

  • Are building your self-care tool kit.

  • Seek a stronger and deeper relationship with your power

  • You want to shift to be in your higher self

  • You want freedom and liberation from suffering



Initial consultation is 2 hours, any further sessions can be between one and two hours in length.

Tanya - Wellness Guide

Tanya is a certified yoga instructor from the The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, recognized by the Yoga Alliance in the USA and Canada.


She has been practising yoga and meditation for 23 years, and did a 10-year apprentice with Judith McCaffery, senior teacher in the Sivananda lineage. She has been teaching yoga and meditation privately for 16 years, and before that through the TDSB for 4 years.  Tanya has a classical foundation for her mediation practice but also includes her study in the fields of psychology, neuro-science, shamanic energy practices and mindfulness in her teaching. She is registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance with a designation of CYA-RYT 500.

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Music for Meditation

Set the mood and calm the spirit with the right music

Retreats & Events

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