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School Programs

Program Descriptions
Wellness Programs for Kids and Youth

Lead by Tanya Porter, these fun and creative workshops include activities and exercises that will help children learn and practice techniques for calming the mind and regulating the energy in the body.

Educators can choose one of the following themes for a single session, or combine themes for a longer workshop:

  • Yoga and Mindfulness 

  • Mindfulness & Meditation (for high school only)

  • Mindfulness Arts and Crafts

  • Rhythmic Re-framing: Mindfulness, team work and drumming with African hand drums

  • Decorate and play your own Taped Frame Drum: Mindfulness, team work and drumming with your own take away frame drum


K-6, 7-8 and high school



45-60 minutes


$250 per session, up to 25 students

($10 per extra student)


Programs can be customized. Please enquire.

Wellness Programs for Educators

Teachers, guidance counsellors, administrative and other staff deserve a break too, and a chance to focus on their own health and wellness.


Each session can focus on any of the following areas:

  • gentle yoga

  • mindfulness

  • introduction to meditation

  • Rhythmic Re-framing, which is a marriage of mindfulness, affirmation and vibrational healing through drumming

Combine multiple sessions for a longer workshop.


All educators and staff


60-75 mins per session


$18 per teacher per session

(a minimum spend of $200 is required)


No experience is necessary for this workshop.

Teacher Training for Mindful Classrooms

Truly promote mental health in schools by equipping teachers with the tools necessary for integrating wellness practices with confidence in the classroom setting.


During this workshop, teachers will learn the following, which they can introduce to their students and incorporate into the curriculum as they see fit:

  • basic yoga

  • breathing

  • mindfulness techniques

1.5 hour sessions or half-day workshops are available. In the half-day workshop, teachers will have time to learn additional mindfulness games and activities, and practice some themselves for a more hands-on experience.


Primary and secondary teachers


1.5 hours or half-day (3 hours)


Please enquire


Meditation chimes are included in the cost.

Tanya - Yoga Teacher

Tanya is a certified yoga instructor from the The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, recognized by the Yoga Alliance in the USA and Canada.


She has been practising yoga for 23 years, and did a 10-year apprentice with Judith McCaffery, senior teacher in the Sivananda lineage. She has been teaching yoga privately for 16 years, and before that through the TDSB for 4 years.  She is registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance with a designation of CYA-RYT 500.


She currently teaches children and youth yoga and mindfulness in private classes, camps, the Markham-Stouffville Hospital and custom programs for schools in the YRDSB, TDSB and the Catholic School Board. She enriches her youth programs with her extensive background in drama, dance and music.


"Tanya was an engaging presence in our drumming session with my Grade 6 students at Bessborough. She managed their excitement well and put strategies into play to have them respectfully stop playing when it was time to learn the next step. My students thoroughly enjoyed learning about different rhythms and working together to listen to beats. She gave students equal opportunity to participate and was flexible with the number of students in my class. Thank you for an excellent drumming session!"

- Sarah Buksner - Grade 6 Teacher Bessborough

Rhythmic Re-framing 

A powerful and playful wellness system

Retreats & Events

Treat yourself to a retreat or special workshop

Employee Engagement

Plan an unforgettable and uplifting event for the team

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