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My Daily Practice

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Although you may have learned Meditation Foundations (with me or with others), you may not be receiving the benefits that happen only with regular practice. This is why I created:

My Daily Practice

Even if we know how to meditate and why a daily self-care practice is so important, it can seem so difficult to simply show up and do it. We may know that the effects of a regular practice are of infinite benefit to our mental, emotional, and physical health, yet somehow every other task seems more important in the moment. We may even know that our self-care is what makes us more capable to care for others with greater presence, mental clarity and emotional calm…but it always seems like there is “no time”.

If this is you, you are not alone. So, how do we get in the regular practice? Is it possible to turn meditation self-care into a habit, just as easy a brushing our teeth before bed? The answer is YES…but how?!


Introducing…My Daily Practice

Productivity experts have identified that “focus blocks”- a time dedicated to focus on a single task - creates the conditions that lead to success. And in the case of meditation, “focus” is what we are building. By committing to practicing in a focused community environment, two more of the biggest factors that impact whether or not we take action toward our goals are present: accountability and time constraint.

Daily Practice provides all 3 conditions for maximum success so you can receive the powerful benefits of your meditation practice.

Each week, join me on Zoom from 7:10am to 7:30am, for 20 minutes of dedicated meditation practice each morning.

NEW! My Nightly Practice will be offered as a trial for the month of May.


Getting the sleep you need benefits you in every possible way, such as supporting a healthy immune system, maintaining a healthy weight, regulating blood sugar, improving mental function, stress relief and mood improvement.  New research suggests that having a consistent sleep schedule may actually be more important than getting eight hours of sleep every night. Creating a consistent sleep schedule begins with creating a bedtime routine that prepares you for optimal rest and sleep. 


My Nightly Practice provides all the powerful benefits of a daily meditation practice, assists you in cultivating an essestial bedtime routine, and can serve as a final activity before bed to ensure you get the sleep you need.

2x the power! 

To receive the maximum physical, mental and emotional benefits from your meditation practice, it is generally recommended to practice meditation for 20 minutes, twice daily. Add this to My Daily Practice morning meditation and you're all set!

Each week, join me on Zoom from 9:30pm to 9:50 pm for a nightly meditation.

This summer starting in June My Nightly practice will run only 4 days per week, Mon-Thurs @ reduced rate per week. 

Pajamas are welcome!

Register one week at a time for Virtual Community Practice via Zoom. Click the events below to register for the weeks you'd like to join.

MDP is $10 per week and Summer MNP is $8 per week ($2 per day!) Daily and Nightly practices sold seperately. 

Please send payment via e-transfer to

My Daily/Nightly Practice Schedule

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