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Class Descriptions

The Inner Space offers meditation class and practice with Tanya Porter, a classical teacher with 20 years of varied style meditation practice experience. This is not a class where you are led in guided meditation, but rather a class to teach you the tools to meditate yourself, wherever you are, whatever may be happening.

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NEW! My Daily Practice

Even if we know how to meditate and why a daily self-care practice is so important, it can seem so difficult to simply show up and do it. Join Tanya for 20 minutes of dedicated time to meditate each morning and receive the powerful benefits of a regular daily practice.

Meditation Foundations

Are you seeking stillness, deep peace and connection within your Self? Have you always wanted to learn the foundations of meditation but did not know where to begin? Have you heard of the many physical and emotional benefits of meditation and are looking to decrease anxiety? Improve emotional stability? Increase your creativity and happiness? Develop your intuition? Gain clarity, focus and peace of mind? 


This course will outline a classical foundation for meditation in a way that de-mystifies the practice so you can enjoy this powerful life tool with ease. This course will also prepare the practitioner should they wish to join the ongoing meditation circles in Stouffville and Markham.


Learn about the true nature of your mind and the architecture of Self. Learn powerful breathing techniques to steady the flow of energy in the body and steady the mind. Learn classical concentration tools and mindfulness techniques to build your focus. Learn about the energy centers in the body and how to align them. Learn the power of sound and mantra. Learn how to receive and how to let go. Remember who you truly are.

Intermediate/Advanced Wednesday Meditation

Do you have some experience with a meditation practice and are looking for the powerful amplification of focus that occurs when you join a circle of sincere students and practitioners of classical yogic meditation?


This course is designed for students who have a meditation foundation, and are seeking to practice in a weekly group, cultivating powerful classical tools to meditate yourself, wherever you are, whatever may be happening.

Deepen your knowledge and practice of powerful breathing techniques to clear and steady the flow of energy in the body and mind. Practice and develop classical concentration tools and mindfulness techniques to build focus. Clear the energy centers in the body to balance and align. Practice the power and benefits of sound and mantra. Weekly topics are designed to clarify the misconceptions and attachments that keep us bound in past programming. Practice how to receive and how to let go. Remember who you truly are.

Spring Semester Focus - Integrating the Koshas with Mudra, Mantra and Meditation

This spring, access your limitless Self by integrating the 5 Koshas (the 5 layers) of the
individuated self that can consume our attention. Explore powerful Mudras and Mantras
to assist in this process. This class is open to all students who have experience with
Meditation Foundations.

Advanced Thursday Meditation

Our advanced meditation group holds weekly sessions for meditation practitioners who have worked with Tanya for a number of years, and who have developed proficiency with the foundations. Each month focuses on a different aspect of practice, exploring and refining the subtle inner work that leads us forward in freedom and joy.

Spring Semester Focus - Raja Yoga -The Royal Path of Self-Realization

The advanced meditation sangha will continue to cultivate a 45–50-minute sitting. This session is pure classical practice. A short, philosophy lecture is followed by pranayama, chanting and silent meditation.

In addition to the profound mental and emotional benefits of meditation, such as;

  • moving beyond mental distraction to Focus and Clarity

  • emotional awareness, self-compassion, and self-regulation


some physical benefits of meditation are that it 

  • lowers high blood pressure

  • lowers levels of blood lactate thereby reducing anxiety attacks

  • decreases tension-related paid such as headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems

  • increases serotonin production that improved mood and behavior

  • improves mood and behaviour

  • increases energy level as you gain an inner source of energy

Tanya - Meditation Teacher

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Tanya is a certified yoga instructor from the The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, recognized by the Yoga Alliance in the USA and Canada.


She has been practising yoga and meditation for 23 years, and did a 10-year apprentice with Judith McCaffery, senior teacher in the Sivananda lineage. She has been teaching yoga and meditation privately for 16 years, and before that through the TDSB for 4 years.  Tanya has a classical foundation for her meditation practice but also includes her study in the fields of psychology, neuro-science, shamanic energy practices and mindfulness in her teaching. She is registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance with a designation of CYA-RYT 500.


"My time with Tanya at The Inner Space has been nothing short of beautiful. I am at a stage in my life where I am ready to embrace being well in body, mind and spirit. I am Tanya’s student in yoga and meditation and both practices bring a sense of calmness, energy and general well being. Her teaching method comes from a place of expertise, authenticity, and a strong desire to learn and share with everyone. With our busy lives today, it is a treasure to have dedicated space and time that brings peace."

– Casandra, Markham, ON. Women’s Empowerment Coach


School Programs

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Music for Meditation

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