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Class Description
African Hand Drum Class and Drum Circle

Looking to DRUM up some clear energy and shake off the rest? Join me, Tanya Porter, and a welcoming community of drummers for a playful and powerful African Hand Drum class!  This class is both a traditional drum class and a joyful mindfulness drumming modality combined. 


Learn hand drum techniques and ensemble rhythms that strengthen your brain and focus. Build neural pathways while basking in deep connection through the healing power of the drum. Explore Rhythmic Re-framing, a unique integrative program that combines rhythm, drumming, language and mindfulness.  


Laughs and smiles guaranteed!


Beginner to advanced drummers are welcome. Tanya will support and challenge each drummer to their level of play.


Drums are provided and included in the cost. If you have your own djembe drum that you prefer to play, please let me know and bring it along! 

Tanya - Drum Teacher

Tanya Porter is the creator of the mindfulness drumming modality Rhythmic Re-framing, bridging her 30 years of drumming experience together with her yoga and meditation practices. She is also the founder and Living Arts Director of The Inner Space; teaching meditation and classical yoga to both adults and youth for over 20 years. 


Her drum story began in 1986, at the Ontario College of Percussion, and later with internationally renowned Afro-Cuban and West African drum masters such as Ignacio Depineda, Carlos Godinez, Djibe Sane, Famoudou Konate, Billy Konate and many others. She has recorded with numerous artists including: Corky and the Juice Pigs, Lili Zohar, Magdeline, Rick Monaco, and Michael Holt and in soundtracks for CBC, YTV and for independent films. She has composed and recorded soundscapes for many live theatre and dance productions.

Tanya drumming b&w.jpg

Tanya has performed with Juno nominated Mr. Something Something, Kenny Kirkwood, The Spirit Drummers, Agoya and the Samba Squad, was a member of traditional Malinké drum ensemble Bolokelen from 2000-2005, a member of the original West African band Ainiké from 2007 – release of the recording Ainike in 2010, was a member of the original composing/recording quartet Drum Cultures and is a founding member of The River Pilots, composing, recording and performing original music since 2007.


Tanya teaches Rhythmic Re-framing drumming and mindfulness workshops in private, corporate and educational settings. Most recently she has developed and released the online music course for the amazing and unique 432hz Spirit Drums.


"Tanya’s drum classes take me to another world! It’s a place where I feel connected with myself, fellow drummers and the world. For one hour a week, time stops but the beat goes on.” - Sarah


Rhythmic Re-framing 

A powerful and playful wellness system

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