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Welcome to The Inner Space

The Art of living in Harmony


Personalized 1-on-1 Sessions

For individuals who are seeking to develop and deepen a loving relationship with Self, Tanya facilitates the creation of a safe landing space for you to see what is operating beneath current life situations and assists you in developing the tools and skills to navigate them.

Kids Programs

Looking for yoga and mindfulness classes for your child or a school program for your students to learn techniques to self-regulate and improve physical, emotional and mental health?


Music for Living in Harmony

Music is our universal language. Pure sound vibrations expressed from the heart elevate our spirits and deepen our connection to life. Tanya is passionate about the power of music and shares it through her unique Rhythmic Re-framing workshops, African hand drumming classes, Spirit Drum classes, Kirtan concerts and by creating music with her band The River Pilots.

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